Jokma Era Pricing

Distribute music to over 150 digital stores across 200 countries and territories worldwide. Get analytics sales trends for Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify, and keep every cent of what you're owed from sales and streams.

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Distribute 20 tracks for 1 artist
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Release unlimited music for 2 artists
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Release unlimited music for 5 artists
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Check below detailed information using our new comparison table:

Comparison Table
Record Label
Release unlimited music everywhere
20 Tracks
Keep 100% of your royalties
Official Sales Reports
View listener data & demographics
Spotify Verified Artist Checkmark
Customer Service Response Time
5 Business Days
2 Business Days
2 Business Days
Submit for playlists
Schedule Your Own Release Date
Protect your music copyrights
Release music for multiple artists
Compilation releases
Join a global music network
Custom Label Name
YouTube Official Artist Channel

Your Jokma Era license explained

Here’s what you need to know about your Jokma Era license, based on the questions we get asked the most.

Your music will be removed from all outlets but will remain in your JOKMA ERA account, so you could redistribute again at a later date.

Your purchase is valid for one year starting from the initial date of distribution


100% of all streaming and download revenue is retained by the artist.